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"I cannot even begin to tell you how I am a totally different person now. I feel like I can accomplish anything now. Now I am a much more effective, energetic, & engaged human, mother, spouse, personal trainer etc. Results May Vary

Wendy Jacob

"In 3 short weeks preparing for his wedding day Chris Stortz melted 4 2/16 inches off his stomach. Results May Vary

Chris Stortz

"I bought Darin's system online and trained myself watching his video's. I am amazed that Darin taught me how to "Workout Less & Get More Results". Results May Vary

Eugen Wilson


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Darin Trains Dr. Mercola

Not too long ago, Dr. Mercola actually hired me to work with him for 2 years to not only train himself and his family with my unique weight loss and fitness methods…but to also train his 60+ person staff.

Darin Wins Event

I was honored to compete in the highly competitive Arnold Schwarzenegger’s America’s Next Great Trainer event and ultimately win the event.

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"Dalia used this same system to burn over 6 inches of fat of her tummy all while only exercising 3-4 hours Per week. Results May Vary


"At the age of 41, I totally transformed my body but more importantly my life with Darin's simple system. Results May Vary

Mike Deagle

"Bri is a busy mother of two small children. ( from 9-3-15 thru 9-14-15 ). Results May Vary