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Darin Steen

Darin Steen

The “Trainers Trainer” is America’s Top Fat loss, Healthy Lifestyle Coach. A best selling Author, drug-free for life professional Bodybuilder, Personal trainer, Motivational Speaker, and family man, he is an expert on fat loss, fitness, gaining muscle, aging gracefully, and is a, “Reach Your True Potential”

His goal in life is to help 2 million people realize a higher quality life through making healthier FATLOSS LIFESTYLE choices by leading by example. He is the foremost authority on combining an aggressive athletic lifestyle with a longevist and holistic approach; so he and his disciples can have both a healthy inside and outside, thus “Live Strong & Long”.

He has been working out consistently since 1981, when he was a sophomore in high school. Holy cow, that is 29 years.  Time flies when you’re having fun. In that timeframe he probably only missed a handful of workouts. And he has learned a lot about what makes up an effective, safe, fun, time efficient, and ever evolving fitness routine. “I can tell you that I have never felt or looked better in my life as I do today at the age of 44”, says Darin.

He started working out, first in his parent’s basement, then in the dungeon weight rooms of the YMCA in Kankakee, Illinois, before moving on to the great University gym at Olivet Nazarene University.

After his 14-year football career ended in 1989 when he was cut by the Chicago Bears, he went into competitive bodybuilding. Not for the love of competing (standing on a stage in his underwear scared him to death) but because he had a 40-inch waist and no idea how to get the fat off.

He became a drug-free for life competitive bodybuilder, at which point he really started to learn what works and does not work for fat loss.

Then he became an employee and writer for Natural Bodybuilding and Physique & Men’s Health Magazines, and websites like www.Mercola.comwww.bodybuilding.com, and www.GlobalHealthFitness.com.

He has always had to approach extreme athletics and competition from a more sane approach than most. At the age of 2 he had one of his cancerous kidneys removed.  When the temptation came to take drugs or hormones to prolong his football career or his bodybuilding career, it was easy for him to say no.  He has always been, and always will be, a lifelong drug-free athlete. On top of that, his body does not want to be lean and muscular.  He has to work at fitness and fat loss every day.

Because of that he has learned a lot about what you need to do be fit.

After he graduated from Olivet he had to make a career decision. “Was I going to use my degree and teach (with a $14,000 per year salary)? Or was I going to drive a truck for UPS full time ($42,000 per year salary)?”

In hindsight he made the wrong decision. He chose UPS. He worked for them for 17 years until August of 2001. At that point in time he decided to start living life on his own terms, and became a full time fitness trainer.

Darin believes that one of the main secrets to success is to earn an income doing what you love to do. Then you will never work a day in your life.  “That is one reason why I feel so blessed.  I love helping people live a higher quality life through healthier fat loss lifestyle choices” adds Darin.

And his journey took him from the dungeon gyms and basements where he started, to one of the fastest growing fitness companies in the world, Life Time Fitness.

the older the better

Within the first six months he became the highest income earning trainer the company had ever seen (out of over 1,800 trainers nationwide). And he stayed the busiest trainer the company had ever had for the next five years, at which time he opened up his private facility here in Chicago.

Darin has been training himself, his trainers, and his clients here for the last 3 years.

Along the way, he invented the fast fat-burning system that he calls, “The FATLOSS LIFESTYLE System.”  It is viewed by many professionals as the most unique, time efficient, safe, fun, and effective fitness / fat loss program ever designed.

You could say that Darin’s passions evolved from baseball, basketball and football, to competitive bodybuilding, to fitness training, to now being as fit and active as possible, hopefully into his 100’s.

He has come to understand that it’s not only about being lean, fit, and active.  It’s also about being more creative, less stressed, more confident, more energetic, and being able to work longer, more productive work days. And then come home with some energy left for the most important people in his life– his family.

What Darin aims is about “REAL” energy. Not two cups of coffee in the morning, or ephedrine, or diet pills.

You are about to learn about the only true “Fountain Of Youth” that exists. The healthy FatLoss Life Style.

Darin Steen Bibliography:

*Full-time Personal Trainer / Life Coach for 8 years

*44 years old, married for 15 years, 2 daughters

*8 years certified through ACE and NASM

*Sold and serviced over 18,000 personal training sessions

*Bachelors degree in Physical Education

*Life Time Fitness “Trainer of the Year” nationwide (out of 1,500 trainers) 2001, ‘02, ‘03

*Owner of “Steen’s Elite Physique’s” training studio, Chicago Il.

*Personally trains Dr. Joe Mercola – www.Mercola.com

*Personally trains Jim Fannin -  www.JimFannin.com

* Is a professional “Reach Your True Potential” Coach on one of the world’s busiest health and wellness companies, Global-Fitness.com

*Is an “Expert” for Anthony Ellis at www.bodybuildingcoach.com , for Tom Venuto’s  www.amazingabs.com and for Jeff Anderson’s Combat the fat www.musclenerdfitness.com

*WNBF professional drug-free for life competitive bodybuilder for the last 10 years

*Author for Natural Bodybuilding Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine’s, & Bodybuilding.com

*Author of over 30 professional articles distributed on-line through e-zine

*Author of “The FATLOSS LIFESTYLE, 12 Week Body Transformation Program”

*Produced and distributed “Reach Your True Potential” newsletter since May, 2006

*Over 500 individuals have graduated from his unique, time efficient program

*Professional motivational speaker

*Conducted his “Train the Trainers” seminar at Club Industry, McCormick Place, Chicago, Il, 2005

*Conducted his “How to Live Long & Strong to 110” at Health Freedom Expo with Dr. Mercola, Schaumburg, Il, 2009