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Top Trainer From Chicago Is Showing Men How To Lose Fat, Gain Muscle, and Get The Lean Muscular Body You’ve Always Wanted and Deserve…

Do You Want Ripped Abs, Bigger Biceps, More Energy, More Confidence & Less Stress?

At last… You’re going to get a a fail-safe way to lose unwanted body fat and get the lean, ripped body you’ve always wanted… so you look better and feel better.

Right here on this webpage, you’ll discover the exact same powerful weight training and nutrition secrets Darin Steen, a World Class Fitness and Fatloss Expert uses to stay at 6% body fat year round… without dieting, pills, steroids, or a ton of exercise!

Even if you’ve tried everything else and failed… give me just a few minutes a day and I’ll show you, step by step, exactly how to lose fat and gain lean muscle in less time… so you can start turning heads when you’re on the beach!

Take a look at what these clients achieved with The Fatloss Lifestyle System!

Before / After

“I have tried over the years to work out, but nothing worked. I just could not find the time between family and managing my employees. But with Darin’s unique, time efficient training system and fitness mindset; I lost over 7 inches off my waste. I look and feel 15 years younger. I now look at life very different and so can you.”

—Danny Drogemuller, Frankfort, Il.

Mike Deagle

“At the age of 41 I totally transformed my body but more importantly my life with Darin’s simple system. I lost over 13 inches off my waist in 10 months, while gaining an incredible confidence, self and body image, and a totally new outlook and expectation on life. All the attention my new beach body has been getting is great, don’t get me wrong, but the real benefit is the extra energy to run my business and enjoy my family (wife and 3 children). It makes me feel great that I am role modeling a healthy fatloss lifestyle for them.”

Mike Deagle


12 Week Body Transformation System 


What Is The Fatloss Lifestyle System & What Do I Get?

THE “FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE 12 WEEK BODY TRANSFORMATION SYSTEM” is a 301 page e-book, fat burning success manual in downloadable e-book format, jam-packed cover to cover with all the fat loss methods previously known by only a small handful of the worlds best fitness models and bodybuilders. This program contains all the information you’ll ever need to help you melt away body fat permanently without muscle loss and without using drugs or unnecessary supplements. The advantage of this e-book is that it is easily downloadable with the click of a mouse. You can save it to your computer and then you can print it off and put it in a three ring binder and read it at your convenience. That means you are only minutes away from getting started right now. But the major advantage is that I will take you by the hand as your personal fitness coach forever, and give you ongoing support through monthly motivational, inspirational, informative newsletters bringing you the cutting edge information you can use immediatly!

Invest only $47 in yourself now, and you will get all of this within minutes:

The “FATLOSS LIFESTYLE SYSTEM” digital e-book and

Bonus #1

Monthly e-mails from me giving you never ending support, motivation, and inspiration. Through this never ending support that will only be available to you who purchase this book, I will always bring you the latest information as I learn it that will allow us to be as balanced, fit, and fulfilled as we possibly can be.

$37 per month value – Included at no additional charge!

Exercise LibraryBonus #3

EXERCISE LIBRARY – The Exercise Library is 34 of the most effective exercises that I have developed over the last 25 years. A full page is dedicated to each exercise visually taking you from start to finish showing you perfect form. After looking at the pictures and reading the tips on breathing, posture, and focus I guarantee that you will be able to perfect them in no time. We have had many users of the exercise library tell us that they have never felt safer and more positive effects from the exercises before. The advantage is that first timers can start to benefit from the exercises immediately. You Are Going To LOVE THIS!

This Exercise Library is a $57 value! – Included at no additional charge!

Skyrocket Your Fat Loss SuccessBonus Summary

Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Success! A candid and revealing conversation with fat loss expert Tom Venuto, as interviewed by Tom Nicoli, clinical hypnotherapist featured on dateline NBC’s Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge.

A $29.95 value! – Included at no additional charge!


Mission AbdominalsBonus Summary

Mission Abdominals! A candid and revealing conversation with fat loss expert Tom Venuto, as interviewed by David Grisaffi, author of the best-selling ebook Firm and Flatten Your Abs.

A $29.95 value! – Included at no additional charge!


Super LeanBonus Summary

“Super Lean: Secrets Of Achieving Very Low Body Fat” (MP3 audio, 56 minutes, 13 megabytes). This tele-seminar is an MP3 download which you can listen to on your computer, burn it to a CD or upload it into your Ipod.

A $39.95 value! – Included at no additional charge!


Super Lean 2Bonus Summary

“Super Lean 2: Secrets Of Achieving Very Low Body Fat” (MP3 audio, 59 minutes, 13.5 megabytes). This tele-seminar is an MP3 download which you can listen to on your computer, burn it to a CD or upload it into your Ipod.

A $39.95 value! – Included at no additional charge!


How to Blast CelluliteBonus

Special Report from World Renowned Fitness Trainer Heather Pinken; “The 9 Secrets on How To Blast Cellulite”.

A $39.95 value! – Included at no additional charge!

All for a one time fee of $47!! All The Bonus Mp3 Audios Are Also Included on the Download Page!! Invest In Yourself and Get It All Now!!

Darin Steens Picture This “FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE” System will give you the knowledge and power to take action without suffering from the nagging self doubts that cause procrastination and immobilize most  people. You’ll move forward on this plan with total confidence, knowing for sure you’re doing it the right way.

I’ve spent over 18,000 hours with over 500 one-on-one clients… teaching them my fat loss system. They’ve achieved results that they could only dream about.

And now I can help you as well.

Because the truth is… you might be wasting hours of your time and energy each week in the gym doing things that are robbing you of the results you could be getting.

The good news is… I can show you how to permanently lose those love handles in half the time that you’re spending now


Darin In Times Square NY

If You Want to Lose Body Fat… Will Following
An Expert Help You Do It Much Faster?

12 Week Body Transformation System 



Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Scrutinize the course closely. Examine it. Test it for up to 8 weeks.
If you’re not thrilled with your results, then I want you to simply write and tell me, and I’ll send you a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

Don Raymer

09/07/07 – 01/30/08

    • Dropped his over-all body-fat % from 36.8% to 24.7%
    • Lost 5 3/8 inches off his waist
    • Lost 33.76 lbs. of fat while gaining 19.26 lbs. of muscle
    • Gained ½ inch on each arm

Even though I am 46, I felt much older due to being so out of shape, winded, and depressed. I would look down at my daughters (5 and 6) and feel sad that I couldn’t and, wouldn’t play with them the way I had once done with my older boy’s. I was very disappointed in what I had once been and now had become.

Thanks to Darin’s “FATLOSS LIFESTYLE” 12 Week Body Transformation Program I feel like I just regained about 20 years back. I have spring in my step and enjoy the new found positive mental attitude that I once had. I look at my kids with a smile on my face and say READY, SET, GO! Everyday, I feel like I won the lottery.

You can do it too. You are only 84 days away from a NEW YOU! This program will streamline your work-out time like no other I have ever seen. Darin’s program totally took all the guess work out of it for me. You will not believe all the tools that he gives you. IF YOU ARE READY, THERE IS NO WAY YOU WILL FAIL WITH HIS SUPPORT. Make up your mind to start, and follow through. It radically changed my life, and it will change yours too!

Don Raymer

Chicago, Illinois

Men: Lose Fat / Tone Your Muscles

Tom Randich

I have been battling my weight for over 20 years doing the yo-yo plan. One issue in my mind was diabetes, which runs heavily in my family and was warned by my Dr. that I needed to control my weight or I would eventually have diabetes. So three years ago I started doing running events which led to triathlons and my weight dropped due to the training combined with eating better. I had thought that now I will be able to maintain my weight going forward. However I would bottom out at about 184 lbs. in the summer no matter how many hours I trained and could not figure out why I would not lose any more weight. During the winter months I would then approach the 200 lb area as training decreased. I ate what I thought was a good diet but the yo yo was still going on and I had excessive body fat.

After deciding to do an Iron Man this year, I knew that weight would be a key factor even if I got back to 184lbs, so I signed up with Darin. My goal was to become lighter, leaner, stronger and faster. “Darin is the Man with the Plan” as I have met these goals and continue to lose more weight as I’m approaching my married weight of 165 lbs from 22 years ago. After finishing Darin’s program, I now have all the tools being food structure, weight training, knowledge and confidence to meet all my future goals and stay healthy. And I’m going to whip this Iron Man right in the butt later this year, no problem! Thanks Darin!

Tom Randich

Tom did a fantastic job. His goals were different from our average client. He wanted to become more agile as he was planning to do a marathon, triathlon, and his first ever iron man in 2007. His goal was not to gain as much muscle as possible, but to be able to perform in his events more competitively. He did a great job as he dropped his overall body fat % from 24.8% down to 14.75%. He lost 23.42 lbs. of fat and 4 7/8 inches off his waistline. We are very excited to watch him shatter all his best times and peak his fitness at the young age of 48 years old.

12 Week Body Transformation System


Bob Hall

Bob Hall at 48 years old

  • Dropped overall body fat % from 27.55% down to 13.15%
  • Lost 32.25 lbs. of fat
  • Gained 5.96 lbs. of muscle
  • Lost an amazing 5 7/8 inches off waist line (at naval)
  • Gained 9/16 inches on each arm

Bob did a great job at following our program. He only trained with me once per week, while training himself once per week. He was very busy with a hectic traveling schedule for business, but he “Just Did It.” He also sent me his brother and good friend. We are very excited to see them change their body and their life.


  • BobDropped overall body fat% from 21.3% to 10.3%
  • Lost 26.44 lbs. of fat
  • Gained 10.77 lbs. of muscle
  • Lost 4 3/16 inches off waistline at naval

At 44 years old with three kids and a two income family, Bob thought that he did not have enough time to work out. Working out 3-5 hours per week using the “FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE 12 Week Body Transformation System, he was able to save time. For years he worked out more with no results.

“Ever since I was a young boy, I always wanted ripped abdominals. I can’t believe I finally have them. Thank you Darin for showing me it is possible.”


  • Mark JohnsonDropped body fat % from 19% to 6.95%
  • Lost 16.45 lbs. of fat
  • Gained 13.95 lbs. of muscle
  • Lost 2 ¼ inches off waist
  • Gained 15/16 inches on arms

I have never felt better. My energy and focus and confidence are noticeably improved. I have always been an achiever, but this body, life transformation program has taken the quality of my life to the next level. I have energy throughout the day and can accomplish so much more in the business world because of that energy. Darin’s unique “FATLOSS LIFESTYLE 12 Week Body Transformation System” has not only given me the abs I’ve always wanted also the confidence, body image, and self image that is needed to get the edge in today’s business world. Thank you so much Darin for taking all the question marks out of my fitness, fat loss routine.

I never thought I could have a body like this and work out so much less than I ever used to. You have proven to me that it is quality, not quantity. I seldom work out more than three hours per week on you system.

Mark Johnson

Men: Gain Muscle

  • Mark JohnsonGained 9.38 lbs. of muscle
  • Lost 4.58 lbs. of fat
  • Gained ½ inch on arms
  • Lost 10/16 inch off of waist

Darin Steen’s time efficient “FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE 12 Week Body transformation System” with precise nutrition and work out plan has literally changed my life. My self-confidence has sky rocketed and that has spilled over into every other area of my life. I often get comments from others about how great my shoulders and arms look in my clothes. I look forward to wearing my tighter shirts, and I have purchased newer clothes that show off my new physique. I feel better than I ever have in my entire life, and I carry that attitude with me every day.

After transforming my body, I have also become more athletically capable. I have played tennis for the past 11 years, and I have coached for the last six of those years. Working out and proper nutrition has given me the ability to hit shots and play at a level that I only dreamed about before even more amazingly, this spring I am playing at this level coming after the longest stretch of not playing in my entire life. My newfound ability on the court comes not only from the fact that I am physically stronger, but because I am more confident in my abilities and mentally stronger.

My life has truly changed, and I now expect more, and demand more out of it. Darin’s life coaching abilities are unlike anything that I have ever seen in all my years of coaching and being coached. If you can ever get in to his schedule, you must grab the opportunity. I am by nature a very cautious consumer. But Darin won me over ever since the first work-out. I was so impressed with Darin’s ability to help me, I referred him to my father. Please check out his transformation below. It is quite remarkable Thanks for changing my life and his.

Adam Karneboge

12 Week Body Transformation System


Brian K.

  • Dropped body fat % from 31% to 13.3%
  • Lost 9.75 lbs. of fat
  • Gained 10.45 lbs. of muscle
  • Lost 2 7/16 inches off waist

Brian has stopped myo-tonic dystrophy in its tracks. The most amazing part of Brian’s transformation was mentally. When he came to me, he had one foot in the grave, retiring early because of his disability, he felt guilty for being alive, because he believed what the medical doctors and therapist told him. After the FAT LOSS LIFESTYLE 12 Week Body Transformation System, Brian is like a machine, a new man on a mission.

Darin’s System has make me excited about staying active and healthy now (55 years old) and well into my 60′s and even 70′s. I did not believe that I could gain muscle and lose fat at this point in my life. Now, I am excited to take my physique to the “next level“.

I have learned a lot from Darin, and one thing is that there is always a “next level“. Even-though all three of my siblings passed at a young age with the same disability, I feel that I have the power in my hands to age gracefully. Darin’s program gives us the most valuable thing on the face of the earth, robust health. It truly is the worlds only true fountain of youth. Trust me; you can transform your body and your life at any age. I did!!

P.S. I have always wanted to be lean and muscular my whole life. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could start a program at 54 years old and do it. I really like myself, especially the way my clothes fit.

Brian Karneboge

Brian K.

Joe gained 16.52 lbs of muscle and 2 10/16 inches on his thighs, 1 11/16 inches on his arms, and 3 2/16 inches on his chest.


  • Mark JohnsonLost over 7% Body-fat
  • Lost 19.39 lbs of fat.
  • Gained 6.69 lbs. of muscle.
  • Lost 2 9/16 inches off of waist

Zach is recovering from a severe stroke that left him flat on his back and paralyzed for one year. Every-one (doctors included) told him to get ready for a life with-out walking or using his left arm and leg. His come back story will inspire everyone. The doctors, physical therapists, insurance companies all wrote him off. They underestimated Zach’s intense desire, and the power of keeping things simple. Through a positive athletic magnetic mindset, working out, eating smart, and getting off of as many medications as possible, Zach has proved everyone wrong.

Zach has made many positives come out of what most might look at as bad luck. In his journey out of the bed, into the weight room, and in front of people (speaking and inspiring) he is now attained a childhood dream of having a lean and muscular physique. “Having the stroke is the best thing that ever happened to me, it has made me a much better person, and I now have a new life full of inspiration and fulfillment.”

Darin’s program saved me. It was exactly what I needed. The physical part of the program was incredible, but the positive, never say die attitude that I would take out of each work-out is the biggest benefit. Thanks for believing in me Darin and giving me the ability to take control of my own life through fitness.

Zach Monahan

Fat Loss Lifestyle 12 Week Body Transformation System


Brad Ruleman

12/17/07 – 03/26/08

Darin’s program changed my life.

In 15 short weeks working out less

than ever before I:

  • dropped my body fat % from 20% to 9.5%
  • lost 6 ½ inches off my waist
  • lost 36 lbs. of fat while gaining 6 lbs. of muscle

After just a couple of weeks of following Darin’s “FATLOSS LIFESTYLE” 12 Week Body Transformation Program my energy levels began to soar. I have been waking up at 6 am and going strong until I go to bed around 11 pm.

With Darin’s precise nutrition plan, not only did I have lots of energy for my work-outs but I was able to focus and concentrate more than ever. My confidence has always been high but now it is higher than ever after realizing I have direct control over how my body looks and feels.

It feels incredible to put on the old clothes as my waist is by far the smallest it has ever been. The disciplined effort that I have put into this transformation has flowed over into all other aspects of my life and everything will continue to get better and better with time.

If you want to completely transform your body and you are willing to put in the time and effort to do so, the “FATLOSS LIFESTYLE” 12 Week Body Transformation Program will take all of the guesswork out of the equation and will tell you exactly how to eat, how to work-out with weights, how to do cardio, how to goal set, and how to think to give you the best chance of getting in the best shape of your adult life in 12 weeks. Take it from me, when you peak your fitness with a time efficient healthy lifestyle fitness routine everything in your life will change.

Darin has a proven track record and practices daily what he preaches and believes in. I highly suggest that you take any opportunity you can to learn his system. I have paid him to learn his system. And it was worth every penny. I highly suggest that you purchase his system for $47 and get connected to his support forum.

Brad Ruleman

Mississippi, USA


02/06/08 – 03/20/08

In 6 short weeks Bryan:

o Dropped overall body-fat % from 17.05% down to 12.3%

o Lost 7.48 lbs. of fat while gaining 7.48 lbs. of muscle

o Lost 1 5/8 inches off his waist

o Gained 1 3/8 inches on each arm, and 1 13/16 inches on chest

Bryan is following the FATLOSS LIFESTYLE 12 Week Body Transformation program. He is exercising only 4 hours per week, following our personalized precise athletic nutrition program, as well as following our goal setting and visualization principles. At 47 years of age he is in better shape than when he was an elite swimmer in high school.


O.K., So this is the end of the page, and you’ve seen enough to make a decision. It’s time for YOU to take some positive action, invest in yourself and your future, and Get into The Fatloss Lifestyle System Now!! You’ll Be Glad You Did!!

To Your Success,




Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Scrutinize the course closely. Examine it. Test it for up to 8 weeks.

If you’re not thrilled with your results, then I want you to simply write and tell me, and I’ll send you a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

12 Week Fat Loss Lifestyle System


Every one of these testimonials were and many still are paying clients of Darin Steen.

One on one clients presently pay him $125 per hour.

Online clients are paying him at least $1100 for a 12 Week on-line program & $500 for a precise nutrition program.

Not one of these testimonials were given any money, sessions, or compensation in any way for the use of their testimony.

They simply wanted to let you know how Darin’s Fatloss LifeStyle System can change YOUR body and YOUR life!

Everybody’s results will vary based on the time, energy and effort put into it! If you build a better body, you can build a better life! What can you achieve?