Personal Trainer Holds Boot Camp At Swallow Cliff in Orland Park, Illinois For Fitness and Fat loss

People from Down Town Chicago are driving south to Darin’s private personal training and “Boot Camps” in Orland Park, Il.

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Some of my favorite cardio sessions are performed outside. In this video I am at a local fitness hot spot here in Orland Park, Illinois (about 30 minutes south of Chicago). It is called Swallow Cliff.

There is 125 steps, that is almost 10 flights of steps straight up. There is no way that you can simulate this work out in a gym on a treadmill, elliptical, bike, or stair mill.

There is something great about exercising out doors in the fresh air. One tip on any cardio challenge is that it is better to do less repetitions but more intense.

You will get more benefits to your heart and lunges and more fatburning from resting at the bottom for 2-4 minutes and going up the steps faster versus just going up or down slower with no rest.

Your Healthy Lifestyle Coach,

darin steen

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