Introducing 5 Video Special Reports-How 2 Work Out Less & Get More Results

Over the next 2 weeks I will be sending you “5 VIDEO SPECIAL REPORTS”. The goal with these 5 free special reports is to give you the tools and the cheat sheets that I have developed so that you can have a precise plan of action. If you follow the information in these 5 Special […]

Fat loss Lifestyle's Darin Steen Gives 5 Tips for "Drinking Water" For Fitness

Do you agree with me when I tell you, you need to filter your tap water? I have found some skepticism when I’ve discussed this before. But just take a look… A landmark new report from the non-profit Environmental Working Group reveals the sad state of our nation’s tap water. Even The New York Times […]

Darin Steen's Motivational Slogans for Fat loss and Fitness

I truly know that “YOUR BODY CAN NOT GO WHERE YOUR MIND HAS NOT YET BEEN” Below are my favorite mind bending slogans. I highly suggest that you print them off, highlight the ones that you like and refer to them every day. Please scroll to the bottome and leave your own favorite’s so I […]

Are You Gaining Muscle & Losing Fat? This Body Fat Test is Simple

The only thing that can come from only using the scale to see if your exercise program is working is “Bad News”. If you really want to know if your fitness / fat loss program is working you need more tools. The scale does not tell you the true story to the question, am I […]

Interval Cardio 1st Thing in the Morning to Sky Rocket Your Fat loss

I just got this question in my inbox. I get it all the time and it is a good question. This is an area that I believe if you start getting right, you will see your body change rapidly. I am confused on what you mean by “do cardio in a fasted state, first thing […]

Don't Make These Three Common Mistakes With Your Work Outs

   What I have witnessed from selling & servicing over 18,000 personal training sessions in the last 8 years,  is that most people are wasting their time working out.  Now don’t get me wrong; there are many benefits that can come from working out besides losing fat and gaining muscle.  But let’s face it, these […]