Two Mind Clearing Techniques To Lower Your Stress Level & Increase Your Productivity

Do you have trouble focusing? Can you start and finish a task? Most of the people
I deal with tell me that they have trouble concentrating. When I utilize these two
techniques consistently, I notice a dramatic difference in my ability to get stuff done.
To empower yourself with a few techniques that work well..

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My Solution To Those That Are Stressed Out & Have Low Energy Plus Exercise of The Week

Thank you for the comments and emails on my “Confession Video” I posted a couple days ago. Here is my follow up video and a new solution I have created..

Comment below if you would like to know more about my new online “4 Week Lifestyle Kick Start” program.


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If you want to lose belly fat / fat all over your entire body AND have a nice, tight, bodacious booty
you gotta squat.

In this video I discuss the 3 advantages to utilizing one legged squats and how to optimize them.


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How Do You Heal Your Body When Your Spirit and Emotions have been Traumatized?

Is there a God?

What happens when we die?

Can our loved one’s spirits hang around and give us signs?

How do we get over trauma like rape and other extreme physical and emotional traumas imposed on us since infancy?

How do we get over the anger toward an ex after a traumatic divorce with children involved?

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How I Skipped a Hip Surgery with Stem Cell & Prolotherapy


If you’ve been following me for very long at all, you already know I am hell-bent on fixing things without surgery, medications, or drugs.

It all started at age two when my cancerous kidney was removed. I learned early on I needed to keep my body clean in order to survive and thrive.

Flash-forward to my second year in … Read more

Nutrient Timing for Pre, Intra & Post Workout Supplements & Whey Protein

Nutrient Timing for Pre, Intra & Post Workout Supplements & Whey Protein made simple.

Get 3 Shakers

1. Pre Workout taken 60 min. before workout

1. Amped Power Pre ( creatine )
2. Amped NOx
3. Natural Pre Workout ( natural caffeine )

2. Second Shaker – Intra and or post Workout Shake taken during workout for some immediately after … Read more

Essential Oils & Diffuser Help With Energy & Focus in a.m. & Sleep in p.m.

Essential Oils & Diffuser Help With Energy & Focus in a.m. & Sleep in p.m.

After I shot this FB Live video about an a.m. and p.m. essential oil hack
I received well over a dozen emails on which diffuser I used..

These are the two I use and suggest..

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“Nutrition / Supplement of The Month” – Adaptogens – Botanicals – Lower Stress / Anxiety

What are Adaptogens / Botanicals / Super Green Food / Alkalizing Greens?

Ashwagandha has been used by the east for 1,000’s of years with great results for optimizing longevity while the United States and the modern western cultures & the Pharmaceutical industry have been using medications for 150 years..

I am not here to downplay medical technological advancements & there … Read more